Struggling with where to start to help your baby sleep? 

In this quick video series you’ll learn:

  • Basics you can apply tonight to improve sleep
  • Exactly how to start teaching your baby to self soothe
  • The 4 most popular sleep training methods explained



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Baby & Toddler Sleep Expert, Author & Founder of Dream Baby Sleep®

Founder, Author & Baby Sleep Expert - Carolynne J. Harvey

Carolynne J. Harvey founded Dream Baby Sleep® in 2012 with a goal of empowering tired parents to improve sleep for their families.

A mom who “broke all the rules” when her daughter was an infant, Harvey wants to teach parents how to take control of sleep in their homes.  

  • Harvey is a graduate of The Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting™ Certified Sleep Consultants (120 hours), Newborn Sleep Certified (40 hours) and attended Family Sleep Institute’s Child Sleep Consultant program (200 hours) alongside a one-on-one mentorship with Family Sleep Institute Founder & President. 

Harvey has been designated a safe sleep guardian by First Candle (501c3).  She is an active member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC). 

"What can I say dream baby sleep was the best thing we could’ve done for our family. Our boy is officially sleeping through the night and this mom couldn’t be happier! Their approach is so unique and exactly what our boy needed. Thank you so much! "

Melissa Perez

"I am so happy that I chose this program. Dream Baby Sleep was recommended to me from a friend after I told her about my sleeping issues with my 1.5 year old. After just a couple days I have learned so much! My baby’s sleeping has improved a tremendous amount and I am just in shock. Not only is my baby in a better mood because of all the extra sleep she is getting, so am I!! "

Melissa Anne

"Changed my life. I dreaded the nights- 2-3 hour nursing/rocking process and now I just place my baby in bed, no drama! I wouldn't be able to function without this program. She is amazing. Super supportive and always available. I HIGHLY recommend."

Leanna Gersten

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