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If you're exhausted and feel like you'll never sleep again, you're not alone.

Grab my NEWBORN SLEEP MINI CLASS and gain the confidence you need to start sleeping better tonight.

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Being a new parent can be overwhelming and there is a ton of conflicting information.

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You are not alone. I had no idea I had to help create an environment for safe & healthy sleep.

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Meet Carolynne - Baby Sleep Expert, Author & Founder of Dream Baby Sleep

  • I started Dream Baby Sleep because I needed Dream Baby Sleep when my daughter was an infant.
  • Back then, I broke nearly every “rule” in the book: I nursed her to sleep, I rocked and shushed her to sleep, I co-slept until she was almost a year old.
  • I was a single mom dealing with undiagnosed postpartum depression— every minute of sleep I could get was precious, but neither of us was getting enough.
  • The deprivation was amplifying my depression exponentially and preventing me from being the mom I knew I could be.  I needed information and tools.



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